Eleanor & Chris – Pre wedding photography

About the photoshoot


It’s not often that I find a couple that is simply so connected and intertwined with eachother that my job is to simply stand back, document their love and simply smile away (me, not them), this was the case for the pre wedding photoshoot of Eleanor & Chris who took my words ‘pretend i’m not here’ quite literally! Like true model professionals as I told them on the day. We originally decided to head to the coast for their photoshoot but i’ve been wanting to photograph a couple for some time amongst bluebells, sadly in previous instances either weather or the bloom wouldn’t permit. They decided the choice was too difficult and instead split the time and visit both locations, well, when we arrived i’ve never seen the bluebells in such abundance, untouched nor as vivid. This was going to perfect!


With Chris and Eleanor a little nervous to begin we decided to go for a small walk around the woods to ease them in… as you can tell by the images my job here was easy, with little direction and lots and lots of laughing and joking we had before you know it a full set of images. Following the shoot in the woods we then headed to the coast, which in Wales lived up to its expectation of being windy, a little cloudy at times and popular with dog walkers… and their dog (which you’ll find out a little later on why i’ve mentioned that).


Chris & Eleanor get married in November at the spectacular Miskin Manor Hotel near Cardiff.


The pre-wedding images











It’s safe to say after all of that walking, driving and dog soaking (I did indeed also get soaked) that it was a fun filled pre-wedding photoshoot and overall a super awesome day out! They messaged me the day after to say that they did in fact skip the gym as they had been aching all day!

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