The bride and her bridesmaids in the wedding car as the groomsmen overlook with wedding guests behind

How to pick your wedding guests

Ennie, Mennie, Minnie, mo! Are you struggling to cull back your wedding guest list? For an average of £25 each per wedding in Wales and the UK, it can be rather costly to invite those you barely know, the only reason you invited them was because you feel awkward or you were influenced by your parents to do so…

Still not sure whether they should only have a plus one invite, just an invite for them or no invite at all? Use this fun game to whittle down your wedding guests to create a perfect group of cherished people you hold dearest at your wedding day.

Instructions – Start at the top left and follow the flow by answering honestly to end up at the final result … invite or not to invite that is the big question. Think about it, do you really need to invite them if you haven’t spoken to them since you were 10?! Once you are done, try it on your partner, you’ll have a guest list worthy of any fine wedding in no time!


Wedding Guests List game




So now that you have a better idea of who to invite and who not to invite and then who to add onto your wedding guest list, don’t forget you may need to write yourself a very good excuse to explain to those who thought they were invited but sadly aren’t going to be part of the wedding guests list. If you’re still not sure or you may need to narrow your list down even further, play it again, not only is it practical, it’s fun!

Why not also read about ways of cutting back your budget, your guests will never know!

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