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5 Wedding Planning Journals

Let’s get organised here shall we? Firstly I am an absolute sucker for stationary, notepads, journals and anything orientated to organising. So here is the top 5 of my favourite wedding planning journals for brides and grooms planning their wedding.



5. Mindy Weiss Wedding Planner £21.00

Beautifully displayed, containing three ring binders with tabs for every last detail, these journals have hints for catering, music and photography. At the back you will find a page of plastic wallets in which to store business cards and a plastic folder to keep cuttings, leaflets and estimates safely together. Included are loads of tips, tools, checklists and spreadsheets to cover every eventuality. This is a really comprehensive planner that will become a valued companion to your wedding preparations… and breathe!


4. The Knot Wedding Planner £FREE

Let’s get technical here, this planner you can find as an app on your iPhone and iPad, i’ve tried it for a few days, with that i’ve had funny looks from friends and relatives, only disapointment awaited… Anyway, It’s a very friendly easy to use app, with almost everything you can think of to organise, clean looking and practically at a hands reach every part of your day!


3. Alilia Wedding planner £24.95

A modern and funky Wedding Planner and Notebook – every bride’s best friend!

Quirky and fun notebook with prompts to help with wedding planning, plenty of room for notes and lots of helpful features to keep you on track and record your inspiration. The planner has prompts to help plan, plenty of room for notes (and decisions) and lots of helpful features including:

His and hers ‘to do’ lists, guest list planner, budget tracker, running order for the big day, contact lists, honeymoon ideas page, a Hen Do hint dropping page, calendar countdown, bridezilla moments – and a ‘reasons we’re getting married’ page to keep you focused!


2. Busy B Wedding Planner £21.00

Wedding Planner with laminated cover and linen spine. 6 tabbed paper pocket sections and 5 plastic pockets to store documents, clippings and quotes. Includes checklists, lined note pages and a fold-out month by month calendar.You can become beautifully organised for your big day, with this gorgeous planner. It’s your wise and inspiring wedding companion full of good ideas, prompts and tips, and brilliant at looking after all those important details.


1. Moleskine wedding Journal in White £18.00

A unique memento of your special day, a tool for reliving the pleasures of matrimony, the antidote to possible Bridezilla moments. Containing a 12-month foldout timeline as well as tabbed sections and special page templates, there’s also plenty of blank space for all the moments, choices, people and inspirations that make every wedding unique. Organize, store and record every spark of the romance between you.

Hidden in the back pocket is the Bridal Book: a separate insert to ensure maximum security for everything that needs to be kept secret from the groom until the day itself. Strictly for her eyes only.  oooooooooohhhh! 😉 I really appreciate the little details in life and that is why this wedding journal is my number one, not to mention I already own a Moleskine journal, The quality, texture and family of other journals are brilliant!


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With thanks to the respected websites for each of the descriptions and details for their products that I have included into my blog.
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