5 Ways to cut down your wedding budget…

So you’re beginning to think that the wedding budget is out of control and your piggy bank isn’t big enough… it’s a little nerve wracking right? Well here are 5 top ideas on how to reduce your wedding budget, especially as your guests will never notice it!



1 – Reduce the number of guests…

It’s hard to try and please everyone, especially those ‘friends’, acquaintances and a childhood neighbour who you referred to as “uncle”. A wedding is all about the celebration of two families coming together, not about awkward conversations trying to remember someone’s name or justifying why you spent £30+ for them each to just sit at a table making small talk. Don’t be afraid to not invite someone, even if your reason isn’t for the cutting of the budget… Just think for a second, if you lose a table of guests… “voilà!” You’ve made the money back for the cost of your DJ!


2 – Alternative dates

Why does a wedding have to be conducted on a Saturday, granted the weekends are the best chances that the majority of the guests are available, have you considered a mid week wedding, no? Why not?! Venues are often very quiet in the week day, slowly preparing for the weekends next event, venues will often discount a mid week booking, so try your luck, you may be surprised how well it will work out, great chance for your guests to have an extra day off work too 🙂


3 – Entertainment

So a 20 piece brass orchestra costs how much?! Are you hosting a lavish dinner party, no… Would your guests really appreciate this after a few alcoholic beverages, the answer is probably no, why not just book a super duper awesome DJ instead, or a group of singing waiters? Something that won’t put your guests to sleep and may actually keep the kids entertained, saving £££ in return, and your guests won’t even notice


4 – Shop around for the bridesmaids dresses

Name, name, name that’s all they are names, the likelihood of a guest’s nose is turned up because you aren’t wearing the latest designer bridal dress range is very rare, unless you’re a somebody and your guests are also some bodies, in that case go big! Otherwise there isn’t a need to spend a fortune on the bridesmaids dresses, there are beautiful and elegant looking dresses out there in local shops, retail designers get inspiration from the big designers so you can buy almost identical dresses for a fraction of the price!

5 – Skip straight to the reception venue

What better way to cut costs than to not pay for 2 different venues, the wedding ceremony at the church and then onto the reception at an alternative location can be costly, so why not hold the entire event at one location, a barn, a wedding lodge or a marquee for example. By that you’re paying a little bit more than one location but less than two, plus you’re saving on buying transport and the chauffeur service right?

Alternatively why not make the seating map, the table names and other bits yourself, saving lots in the process and maximizing the fun and excitement of adding more to your wedding… exactly… how… you want it! 🙂



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Credits: Image – http://www.yourbudgetwedding.co.uk

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